Chris Roberts There are a lot of Christopher Roberts out there.  No need to sort through a bunch of Google links, here’s a summary:I’m an MIT trained engineer whose profession of business & technology consulting has permitted me to work with some great clients and live and travel around the world.  Though I am a Highland, UT native, I have lived and worked for the past 20 years in places like Boston, Taiwan, Seattle, Greenwich, CT, New York City, Orange County, CA, Chicago, St. George, UT, Japan, Silicon Valley, Denver, Abu Dhabi, Gillette, Wyoming and San Diego, CA.
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Photos of Chris’s successful Catalina Channel Swim on September 19, 2008

Photos of Chris’s successful swim from San Francisco around Alcatraz Island and back on July 18, 2009

Geek In Deep – Chris’s Marathon
swimming and Ironman training blog and details on his attempt to be the first person to swim the Gate of Tears

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Christopher of Arabia – Chris’s adventures on the Arabian Pennisula (permission required)

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